Sales Conditions



STET Potato Ltd Additional Terms and Conditions of Sale


    • All seed sales are subject to classification, safe harvest, out-turn at grading and being unsold on receipt of order.
    • Payment terms are 30 days from date of notification that the seed is ready for uplift from loading address, or alternatively from date of delivery, if delivery by Stet arranged transport is requested.
    • Price includes one split grade on a 45mm FOC on seed orders over 5 tonnes.
    • Prices are per metric tonne, supplied in 1.25t bags only.  For wooden boxes, please ask for quotation.
    • UK and Dutch full loads are 27.5 tonnes
    • UK supplied seed sold under current BPTA conditions of sale, imported seed sold under RUCIP conditions of sale.
    • Dressing instructions must be received by STET office 4 weeks before the seed is required.  If insufficient notice is given and collection/delivery takes place the month after the requested date, then the next month’s spring premium fee will apply.
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